The creation of the Scorpion, part 1

Prototype One

The initial concept for the Scorpion wasn’t much to look at. Built by art director Matt Evans out of MDF and wire, it had no legs, cardboard pictures for claws, and a paper clip where the stinger should be. But it established the basic proportions of the beast, and that was enough to get started with.

Cardboard Scorpion mecha mockup
Sculpture by Matt Evans

We knew we wanted the Scorpion to ride like a motorcycle—a monstrous, eight-legged motorcycle. We’d given the Rider a cruiser riding position and an exposed chopper-style engine. We just needed someone who could fill in the details and bring the Scorpion to life.

The pencil stage

Concept artist Dermot Walshe had a whole section of motorcycle art in his portfolio, so we knew he’d be a good fit. Indeed, his take on the Scorpion was a marvel of exhaust pipes, chain gears and springs.

Scorpion mecha concept art
Artwork by Dermot Walshe

He even whipped up an animated “harpoon” attack for the battle scenes!

[qt: 580 336]

But something was off. Even with the multitude of leg designs that Dermot provided, the Scorpion just didn’t seem aggressive enough. We decided to make some adjustments…

Continued in part 2…